Fall Gutter Care

Here are some helpful tips for cleaning out your gutters this fall:

  1. Why Clean Gutters in the Fall?

Completing the task of clearing out your gutters is especially important now, in the fall, because free-flowing gutters help your roof move ice-melt away from the gables, where it might otherwise lead to ice dams. Ice dams often occur when trapped ice melts then rapidly freezes again, creeping up under shingles and into the sensitive underlayment materials below. Ice dams are infamous for causing considerable damage and debris in your gutters can exasperate the problem.

  1. Don’t Forget About the Downspouts!

Downspouts are just as important as the gutters themselves, as they’re designed to lead water away from both your home’s foundation as well as its more sensitive wooden elements. If a downspout becomes clogged with debris, it won’t be able to redirect water and snow-melt fast enough to keep it from leaking into your home. Check the area where a downspout exits from the bottom to the gutter for loose or missing rivets, replacing any problem areas with new rivets. Improperly attached downspouts can damage siding if they tear loose.

  1. Resecure Gutters and Downspouts:

Water and ice can be heavy, so make sure your gutters are securely attached through the fascia board to the rafter behind it using the appropriate hardware. Neglected gutters clogged with ice and rotting vegetation have been known to tear loose from their moorings, damaging houses and even injuring persons, pets, or property located below.

  1. I Finished Cleaning my Gutters, now what?

Once your gutter cleaning duties are finished, grab an umbrella and go outside on the next rainy day to check for overflows, blockages, or other problem areas. Hopefully, you won’t find any! For professional help with cleaning or repairing your gutters, contact the roofing experts at Slaughter Roofing and C&S Gutters here in Greeley.

Tips For Choosing A Roofing Contractor

Slaughter Roofing Cancer Tennis Tournament

We are proud to partner with the American Cancer Society to help hammer out cancer and we would love for you to join us! Click on this link below to sign-up or for more information.

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Best of Greeley and North Weld 2016

Greeley has been home to our family business for 28 years and it has been our pleasure to serve you during that time. Thank you for your support and recognition in voting us Best Roofer of Greeley and North Weld 2016. We look forward to many more years serving our community with integrity and the highest quality standards.

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Greeley Centennial Rotary Golf Tournament

Slaughter Roofing is a proud member and supporter of the Greeley Centennial Rotary and we would love to have you join us on Friday May, 12 2017 for the 28th Annual Greeley Centennial Rotary Golf Tournament benefiting the Greeley area Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels, and other Rotary Service Projects here in Greeley and around the world.

Please find more information in registration form (below) or by visiting the Greeley Centennial Rotary website:

We hope to see you there!


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Should I Upgrade to an Impact Resistant (Class 4) Shingle?

One of the ways Slaughter Roofing reinvests in our community is by offering a free shingle upgrade to an Impact Resistant Class 4 shingle. Not only is it a better shingle to have here in Colorado but most insurance companies give you a discount on your homeowners policy for having it. Click on the informational video link below (produced by State Farm Insurance) to learn more about what makes a Class 4 shingle and why we want you to have it.



Do Not Knock! Avoid pesky hail chasers

During Colorado’s hail season, we field a lot of calls from homeowners about what to do about “door knockers”. Companies from in-state and out-of-state deploy armies of door knockers in areas recently affected by hail storms in order to try to drum up business regardless of their knowledge of the community or specific damage.

We highly recommend not letting a door knocker on your roof and instead calling an established local roofing contractor like Slaughter Roofing to inspect your roof and give you an honest recommendation on what to do next.

Here are a couple resources we’ve put together to help you:

1) No Knocking Sign: post this on your door to help keep door knockers away. Click here to download: Do Not Knock-Flyer

2) Hail Storm Myths/Facts: Important information that will be useful if you’ve recently been hit by hail.

Ice Dams

Each winter we field a lot of calls regarding ice dams. Its very common in Colorado as we experience a difference in temperature and moisture from month to month. As the last of the snow melts from your roof — look for those pesky valleys and slopes that don’t normally get a lot of sunshine for ice dams. Here is a visual representation of how an ice dam forms and the potential damage it can cause.

Recommended remedy? Heat tape and/or snow rake.


Home Repair Cons

Here’s a great article from the Denver District Attorney, Mitchell Morrissey, regarding home repair cons in Colorado.

Fall/ Winter Roof Tips

Fall/Winter are right around the corner. Here are some helpful tips from Slaughter Roofing to make sure your roof is ready.