Do Not Knock! Avoid pesky hail chasers

During Colorado’s hail season, we field a lot of calls from homeowners about what to do about “door knockers”. Companies from in-state and out-of-state deploy armies of door knockers in areas recently affected by hail storms in order to try to drum up business regardless of their knowledge of the community or specific damage.

We highly recommend not letting a door knocker on your roof and instead calling an established local roofing contractor like Slaughter Roofing to inspect your roof and give you an honest recommendation on what to do next.

Here are a couple resources we’ve put together to help you:

1) No Knocking Sign: post this on your door to help keep door knockers away. Click here to download: Do Not Knock-Flyer

2) Hail Storm Myths/Facts: Important information that will be useful if you’ve recently been hit by hail.